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Welcome on EtpStudio.com The official website of the ETP Studio Project


What-is ETP Studio?


ETP Studio is a new Integrated Development Environment specially designed for TI calculators with Motorola (R) 68000 processor.

Thanks to a real visual interface, you can do anything in a few clicks instead of coding complex functions. You paint your sprite, name it, define its actions and ... that's all! A code is implicitly builded to display it. Programming a game is as easy as painting sprites and maps!

ETP Studio contains also a powerful compiler, allows you to fully customize your program and makes you easier to create it. A special language ETP-Basic was created, simple as TI-Basic but much more powerful.


The Preview Release of ETP Studio is now avaliable.

More news...

The ETP Studio staff decided to give you more information about its work. There are not very often updates of the software but it's because the development and tests take a lot of time. With more news, you'll be able to know which part of this project we're working on.

There are more and more people using Etp Studio, we thank you and we're waiting for your suggestions to make this software better.


Latest Version of ETP Studio: Download it now!
Version:0.9.292 (4/4/05)


A new installer is available for ETP Studio: This installer will associate etp files (.etp,.epr,.til,...) to the executable (so you'll be able to open them just by double-clicking on) will copy some project examples and will copy the assembly file making the executable able to show common XP controls.

If you have any problem with this installer, please send a mail to support@etpstudio.com (precise your windows version) and try the classical one: download classical installer


You can also Download Some examples introducing the ETP-Basic language:



ETP Studio is created by Onur CELEBI. All rights reserved.|Copyright (c) 2005 etpstudio.com

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