M4r10 v0.94 - 2005/09/18



  Ticalc stats recorder - 2005/08/24

Link. Sorry, I am too lazy to make a description.



  M4r10 v0.90 - 2005/08/15



  M4r10 v0.80 available - 2005/07/30

New demo; The game is almost finished: I still have to tweak the difficulty (set the number of each type of ennemies per levels, when do fireball appear, etc...), and probably other things too.



  M4r10 - 2005/05/28

Mar10 is now known as M4r10. News concerning the game can be found here



  Mar10's demo- 2005/05/15

Download the demo. The source code is included. Even though I didn't really put comments in it, it should be fairly easy to understand it (it's much simpler than Bomber Dude).



  Mar10's Progress - 2005/05/12

Lot's of stuff have been added. Still no screenshots/beta. I wanted to release a beta really soon but there's an unexpected bug that I can't seem to correct. Here's the list of the things I can think of that are left to do:

              • rip and program the fireballs
              • re-rip the sprites of the enemies when they are upside down (boooorrring)
              • make the enemies/coins appears and disappear in the pipes
              • detect the collisions between the enemies, ice spikes and fireballs
              • allow mario to jump at different heights



  Warning (not a warning after all =) - 2005/04/15

No I haven't finished Bomber Dude and most importantly, I am not changing Bomber Dude's graphics. That was a (10 days late) April Fool's joke. The fake screenshot comes from a very very early version.

Now here's the important news: don't make new Bomber Dude levels with the editor as they will not be fully compatible with the next version of Bomber Dude. They will work, but they won't show the correct graphics in the preview.

[update] Because I am an extremely lucky guy, putting "unsigned char" instead of "char" in the code doesn't make the older levels look different. So go ahead, make new Bomber Dude Levels :D

oh, I uploaded the code of Xtetris (not the game, because the game isn't worth playing).



  Bomber Dude v1.00 - 2005/04/10

I finally finished Bomber Dude! I changed all the graphics, changed the way the bomb explodes and removed the scrolling:

I will upload the game in a couple of days!

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